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  • 25% of all jobs will change as a result of AI, says World Economic Forum

25% of all jobs will change as a result of AI, says World Economic Forum

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  • Expect ”significant labor-market disruption’ over next 5 years” says the World Economic Forum say A.I. Nearly a quarter of all jobs will change as a result - including eliminating up to 26 million jobs in record-keeping and administrative positions.

  • Economists Warn AI threatens to increase inequality, shifting even more power from workers to the wealthy, shrinking tax bases and weakening governments.

  • Is AI more dangerous than the atomic bomb? AI experts' calling for a halt or slowing down of progress in their own field is reminiscent of the history of nuclear weapons. The immense destructive capability of atomic bombs, which was made possible through scientific research, led Einstein to famously say, "Ach! The world is not ready for it." In the 1940s, some prominent nuclear physicists and other individuals involved in the wartime atomic bomb project declined to take part in the development of hydrogen bombs due to the possible destruction they could cause. Is history repeating itself? Eliezer Yudkowsky, one of the founders of the field of AI says “We Need to Shut It All Down” because of the high likelihood of literally everyone on Earth dying from this technology.

  • In entertainment, Hollywood writers and actors seek limits on artificial intelligence because they fear studios will use A.I. to replicate their voices and images and cut them out of the process. Apple has already introduced a service allowing book publishers to use human-sounding A.I. narrators, as opposed to human voice actors who make a living creating audiobooks. And there is now backlash against AI supermodels as they fear they too will be cut out of traditional jobs. Shudu, thought to be the world’s first digital supermodel, has booked gigs in the past year with high-end brands BMW and Louis Vuitton.

  • In the news business, AI journalism is getting harder to tell from the old-fashioned, human-generated kind, CNET, Associated Press, and others have been publishing articles written entirely by AI, new AI generated ‘Content Farms’ are cropping up, and the world’s first news channel, NewsGPT launched which is entirely generated by AI. And Kuwait News introduced their first AI-powered virtual news presenter ‘Fedha.’

  • Workers are secretly using ChatGPT, AI and it will pose big risks for tech leaders and it’s posing privacy, data security, and copyright risks for tech leaders. Meanwhile, Board Directors And C-Suite Executives Need AI Literacy training. There is growing concern about their understanding of the new technology and their ability to ensure AI Ethics and risk practices are applied in day to day operations. There are reports that new roles will emerge, such as AI Ethicists or AI Technology Leaders to assist Boards and augment audit and risk committees.

  • A new AI algorithm has been found to accurately identify cancer, potentially speeding up diagnoses of the disease and improving patient outcomes.

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Audio version of the introduction to Reid Hoffman’s latest book “Impromptu: Amplifying Our Humanity Through AI" which was co-written by Hoffman and GPT-4. The book aims to serve as a sort of “travelog” of Hoffman’s experience with GPT-4, as he explores the tool’s strengths and limitations. Through hundreds of prompts, Hoffman and GPT-4 discuss the potential advantages and drawbacks of AI, argue about human nature, conceive original sci fi plots, and even try to make a few jokes. As AI is quickly advancing, Hoffman hopes his book can serve as a guide to encourage people to learn more about the technology, consider how we might use it, and ponder the complex questions about how our choices might play out in the future.

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